10 Things Never To Say To A Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy comments

I’m just about to have my third bub and for some reason, this time around, I feel like I have been pregnant for a lifetime.

Come to think of it, I’ve been having kids for the last 5 years or so now so that aint far from the truth.

I’ve been on struggle town for the last 8 months. At the tail end of it now and I can’t bend over, touch my toes or even see my toes for that matter.

Whoa mumma!

Whoa mumma!

It is a damn good excuse not to vacuum, do large food shops, (hello on-line grocery shopping), or take the bins out.

Not so great during my hundred or so toilet visits a day.

Everything just seems so hard. I recall it being hard with my first, a walk in the park with the second and now with the third – well this is a whole new ball game.

There is the constant heartburn, the 22kg weight gain, the bleeding gums when I brush my teeth, the random blood noses, the excruciatingly painful lower back, the excess fluid causing immensely swollen legs (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it), the insatiable desire to drink Ribena ALL day, the sheer exhaustion 24/7 and the low libido. We can’t forget about the low libido that went out the window six months ago.

Oh how I love the ever so patient hubster.

Then there are the comments.

I know people mean well but when you get very big early on in pregnancy, have placenta previa, incontinence throughout the entire second and third trimesters, an umbilical hernia and torn groin ligaments as a result of being chased in a park by a strange man at 28 weeks, you kind of just wish that people would leave their comments to themselves. Yes that really happened.

Here are 10 things that I recommend you don’t say to a pregnant woman when you can see that she is clearly struggling.

1. Are you sure there is only one in there?
Of course I’m sure. In this day and age, we have things called ultrasounds. I have had five already and I can assure you, if there was more than one in there, I’d be the first to know.

2. You’re looking fabulous!
Really? Is it the oily hair that hasn’t been washed in over a week that gives it away or perhaps my XL Cotton On pants that are two sizes too small for me. Perhaps you want to start that sentence again.

3. It’s so nice to see that you’re enjoying your last few days of freedom.
Actually I’m only 4 months pregnant but carry on walking your little pooches, head over to the café on the hill over there and grab yourself a warm glass of “shut the f*!@ up.

4. Surely you must be due soon.
Surely, I must be but I’m NOT. I’ve still got 13 weeks to go.

5. Oh look I can feel a limb. Look it really is a limb!
Actually no, that’s my belly button and I have an umbilical hernia which is why it is protruding like this. Now, please get your drunken little mitts off me and go and annoy somebody else.

6. You’re still hanging in there?
Yes I am. Do I have much of a choice?

7. You were big with the first two but never quite this big.
Oh you’re so sweet. Yes we like to grow them big in this house.

8. When are you due? Any minute now by the looks of things.
If I tell you again, will you promise to stop asking me EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.I.SEE.YOU???

9. Don’t worry, you’ll lose all that weight once you start breastfeeding.
Is that right? What if I choose not to breastfeed or I can’t breastfeed? However will I lose all this weight then? Newsflash – weight loss comes from lots of hard work and healthy eating and at a time that I feel my body can handle getting active again.

10. You’re going for number 3? Wow, you’re gamer than I am!
Yes, I thrive under pressure and have always loved a challenge. Now I don’t judge you so stop getting all judgey mc judge on me.

I have become very tough skinned over the past 8 months, that’s for sure. All this aside, we are super excited and waiting in anticipation at meeting the new edition to our beautiful family very, very soon.

Has anyone else experienced some interesting comments during their pregnancy? Hit me with them.

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It’s The Small Things

Enjoy the Little Things

At 35 weeks pregnant, I’m spending a lot of my days on struggle street. I can barely walk, I feel like I have a basketball wedged permanently in my groin and my irritability levels on a scale of 1-10 sit permanently at around an 8.

As someone who is normally very active, it pains me to not be able to do the things that I want to do with the kids. I push through the pain each day, put them on their bikes then waddle a hundred meters behind them shouting,

“Look out for the reversing cars in driveways!”.

Yesterday morning, something truly beautiful happened.

It’s moments like these, that help me get through the tough times, realise that kinder holidays aren’t so bad after all and miraculously my irritability levels go back down to a 1.

It’s moments like these that make me realise that this parenting gig isn’t so hard after all and something good is coming out of all of the nagging and the constant reminders to be nice to others.

It went a little something like this.

Kids – “Mum, mum – we’ve got a surprise for you”.
Me – “What is it?”
Kids - “We can’t tell you, close your eyes, hold our hands and we’ll take you there”.

They walk me into my bedroom, I open my eyes and they’ve made mummy and daddy’s bed. Beautifully I might add.

Kids – “Because we know you’ve been tired with the baby in your tummy mummy”.
Me - No Words.


Don’t forget to appreciate the small things in life everyone and have a very HAPPY EASTER! x

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Parents In Fitness – Part 4

This is the final week of my Parents In Fitness series, for now. Stay tuned though as I will be running the next series again after Easter due to popular demand.

If you missed the others you can find them below:

Parents In Fitness Part 1
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Parents In Fitness Part 3

Now I know a thing or two about being married to a triathlete.

I was keen to get a woman’s perspective on the sport of triathlon so was super excited when my next guest agreed to be part of my Parents In Fitness series.

Meet Supermum, triathlete and genuine, all round great girl, Stacey Katelis…

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m 43 years old and married with two kids. My kids are both in primary school, aged 7 and 10.

I work five days a week part time, and have just qualified as a spin instructor so I hope to get some work doing that too.

2. What particular sport/activity are you involved in?
I am involved in Triathlon. I am now into the longer distances, Half Ironman, have myself a coach (Xavier Coppock) and train with Teamtricoaching.

You can find them on Facebook here.

Stacey in action.

Stacey in action.

3. How much time do you spend each week keeping active?
I am ALWAYS active, but training takes up approx 14-15 hours a week, depending on where I go cycling on the weekends.

4. How do you juggle family, work and fitness?
Juggling family, work and training is all down to good organisation.

I wake up early to train and fit most of it in before the day at home starts.

The rest, I squeeze in where appropriate. For example, the kids soccer train two nights a week, so I will train whilst they are doing that.

Also my husband is around to help out here and there.

Saturdays are the hardest as I am usually out training til about 11am, however I dedicate the rest of the weekend to my family.

5. If you could have dinner with your fitness hero, who would it be and why?
Hmmm, fitness hero. To be honest, my fitness heros are my coach and the amazing athletes I train with.

I see how much work they put in and I admire them greatly for it. They inspire me to achieve more.

So I guess I’d just like to go to have dinner with them.

6. How do you encourage your kids to keep active?
I am leading by example I hope!

My kids love that their mum does triathlons. They think its cool.

I get them involved in kids tris and fun runs, but they have their own sporting interests in tennis and soccer.

Their dad also encourages them and is heavily involved in their sporting activities.

Stacey with her beautiful boys.

Stacey with her beautiful boys.

7. Proudest sporting moment?
My proudest moment is every time I cross the finish line and see my kids there waiting for me.

I’m proud to show them that when you put in the work, you will get a result, and if you set out to do something, you should do it properly and finish it.

Having her family cheer her on at the finish line make all the hard work that much more worthwhile.

Having her family cheer her on at the finish line make all the hard work that much more worthwhile.

8. What piece of fitness equipment or gadget can you not live without?
Easy. My bike. It is my third child.

9. Are you a gym junkie or do you prefer the great outdoors?
Definitely prefer training outdoors.

I only head to the gym out of necessity when the weather prevents me training outside, or if I need a sleep in!

10. If you could teach your children one thing about leading an active lifestyle, what would it be?
Keeping active, fit and healthy is the key to a healthy mind and body.

If you have this under control, the rest just falls into place. Set goals and achieve them.

When you feel strong, you are full of energy for all other challenges in life.

You interact better with others and you are happier within yourself.

Keeping active, fit and healthy, key to a healthy mind and body.

Keeping active, fit and healthy, key to a healthy mind and body.

Wow Stacey! THANK YOU. What an absolute inspiration to not only your family but also other parents out there wanting to live active, healthy lifestyles.

It just goes to show that with a little commitment, determination, organisation and goal setting, you can achieve anything!


The Perks Of Blogging + A Fitness Gadget Giveaway!

I’ve had my little bloggy-blog chugging along now for around 15 months.

Has it met my expectations? Sure it has. I had no aspirations of becoming a millionaire when I started blogging nor was my aim to top the Kardashians in the popularity stakes.

To be honest, I didn’t really have many expectations. All I knew was that as I stepped out of the corporate world, I needed something for me. I’m passionate about family, fitness and fun, so this has been the perfect opportunity for me to share my thoughts on each of these topics.

One of the things that I have loved about blogging has been building an awesome online community of mates (many of which have become mates outside of the virtual world).

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy the little perks that come along with tapping away on the lap top after the kids have gone to bed. This has been an added bonus for me as I honestly didn’t know that they existed.

There have been blogging events, invitations to lunches, trivia nights, sporting events, adventure weekends, products to review-the list goes on.

What has raised an eyebrow or two for me however has been the number of PR agencies out there that use the “flick and hope it sticks” approach without knowing who my target market is.

I mean seriously, would I really want to be involved in a smoking campaign or a campaign for men’s libido issues?? Delete.

A couple of months ago, I was approached by the lovely Sarah O’Brien from Square One PR. Not only was Sarah an absolute delight to deal with, but she had done her homework.

I was invited to the Australian Fitness Expo which I went along to last weekend. It far exceeded my expectations and just in case you missed the Melbourne event, the
Sydney Fitness Show is happening on the 18-19 October this year.

I was seriously like a child on Christmas morning. Arriving 45 minutes before the event started on Sunday morning was not something that I was going to admit but hey, I wasn’t the only one.

The hubster came along with me to ensure that the only workouts that took place were those that were on stage and not on his credit card!

I’m not very strategic when it comes to attending large events like this. I usually walk in, then make a bee-line for my favourite stands and before I know it, I’ve wondered around aimlessly for 3 hours bypassing some great exhibitors.

This is where the hubster came in handy. He had the event guide and knew exactly where we wanted to go and how to get there. It appears that he was on a mission to meet his idols as well.

Does anyone know who the guy in the purple is?

Does anyone know who the guy in the purple is?

Those that know me well, know that I’m a big fan of Michelle Bridges, so getting to meet her personally was an absolute highlight as was meeting the fabulous Teresa Cutter from
The Healthy Chef. Two of my inspirations under the same roof. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Having the kids looked after for the whole weekend – a close second.

I love this woman!

I love this woman!

If you don't already follow The Healthy Chef, get on to it.

If you don’t already follow The Healthy Chef, get on to it.

Two and half hours were all that this heavily pregnant mumma could handle. I could have spent the entire day there.

The new technology that is coming out in the fitness industry is phenomenal and I may or may not have got the hubster to purchase an early 40th birthday present for me from one of the exhibitors. More about that later.

Speaking of technology, I’m a big fan of tracking progress when it comes to fitness. It helps make you more accountable for your workouts, assists in pushing you to your limits and can be invaluable when it comes to goal setting.

Whether it be through a heart rate monitor, a watch or activity tracker.

Now for the GIVEAWAY! I bet you thought I’d never shut up. I have for one lucky reader a
Polar Loop Activity Tracker (valued at $159.95) to giveaway.

This clever little bracelet features:

-24/7 Activity Tracking
-Tracks Steps, Calories, Sleep and Time on a stylish LED Display
-A free mobile App that syncs with your device

Just to name a few.

Polar have got it right with this 24/7 Activity Tracker.

Polar have got it right with this 24/7 Activity Tracker.

To win, simply follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter Widget below, like my Facebook page and leave me a comment telling me why you would like to win a Polar Loop activity tracker.

The competition is open now and closes at midnight on 16/04/14 AEST. The winner will be announced on Thursday 17th April.

This giveaway is open to Australian and New Zealand residents only.

The winner will be chosen based on originality and within the terms and conditions of Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

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Parents In Fitness – Part 3

Welcome back to My Parents in Fitness Series.

This is Part 3 of a series of four and if you’ve missed the others, you can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Let’s face it, as busy parents, we all need time out to do the things that we love to do.

If we don’t, then our lives simply revolve around our kids and before we know it, our lives have passed us by.

Hands up who takes the time out to do something just for YOU?

This weeks Parents In Fitness guest is the fabulous Susan Pettit.

Susan has a lot on her plate. Running a family, working and studying will fill up anyone’s week quickly, yet Susan still manages to find the time to keep fit, set realistic goals and do the things that she loves to do.

I just love the arrangement that her and her husband have made that ensures an active lifestyle for both of them.

Meet Susan Pettit…

Running her first half marathon!

Running her first half marathon!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m 37 years old, married to my wonderful hubby, Chris and I’m a busy mum to our two gorgeous children (Jarrod -7 years old and Lauren – 5 years old).

Since having my own kids, I realised that I wanted to be a midwife so I’ve returned to university to undertake a Bachelor of Midwifery degree.

The course is three years full time however I’ve been studying on a part-time basis since 2011 and will qualify at the end of 2016.

2. What particular sport/activity are you involved in?

I enjoy running and I’ve recently started personal training with Vision PT in Brighton.

3. How much time do you spend each week keeping active?

Approximately 2-4 hours

4. How do you juggle family, work and fitness?

In our household, I get the mornings to train and my hubby gets the evenings.

For a while there, I was doing 5:30am boot-camp sessions which meant getting up at 5am.

Lately though, I’ve been training for my first half marathon so I’ve been starting some of my longer runs at 5am which has meant getting up at 4:40am!

5. If you could have dinner with your fitness hero, who would it be and why?

Tough choice! Perhaps either Commando Steve from the Biggest Loser or Dwayne Johnson with those amazing biceps!

6. How do you encourage your kids to keep active?

Our 7 year old son, Jarrod, is currently trying different sports.

He does swimming lessons, plays basketball and soon he will be starting another season of AusKick.

Lauren, our 5 year old, is rather tired after school as she has just started Prep so we have removed all formal sports for her this term.

Both kids enjoy active play such as jumping on the trampoline or playing cricket in the street with the neighbouring children.

When I was training for the Tough Bloke Challenge, I used to take the kids to the park with me so I could practise on the monkey bars.

My hubby and I also often have to take both children to our PT sessions.

Sometimes they whinge, “Why do we have to go to the gym?” so we explain to them that we support them in their sports and that we expect them to do the same with ours.

7. Proudest sporting moment?

That will be completing my first half marathon on the hilly Roller Coaster Run course on Saturday 29 March. This is a trail run through the Dandenong Ranges.

Parents in Fitness - Part Three Susan 2

8. What piece of fitness equipment or gadget can you not live without?

My runners.

9. Are you a gym junkie or do you prefer the great outdoors?

Definitely the great outdoors.

10. If you could teach your children one thing about leading an active lifestyle, what would it be?

We try to teach our children about the importance of being active which is challenging given their desire to have so much screen time with TV’s, ipads, etc.

I think the trick is to just make being active fun so children want to get out and play!

Hopefully through role modelling this behaviour whilst our children are young, an active lifestyle will naturally become ingrained in them and be something that they choose to do as they get older.

Thanks Susan, you are a real inspiration and a fabulous role model for your children.

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to you on reaching your goal and running your first half marathon!

Looking forward to hearing about your next challenge.


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